Researchers have found that our thoughts and choices can be transformed by physical interaction with objects

Photo: MirageC/Getty Images

At some point, I subconsciously decided that “open computer” equals “working.” So each morning, that’s what I do: flip open my laptop and get to work. Or rather, I try to work. The problem is, I often find myself thinking in circles, returning to my inbox, or feeling totally stuck.

The reality is that the computer is a sad tool for human ideation, one that pales in comparison to the infinite workspace of the real, three-dimensional world. To come up with more ideas, better ideas, and engage with thoughts more deeply, we need to work with our hands. This instinct…

Anna Gilbertson

On a crusade to make the world value human skills. Co-founder of Momentix. We make toys that help you think better, whether you’re 8 or 38.

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